“Thumbs up to Back to School Shop…….”
-- Editorial Page, Stamford Advocate


"It is wonderful to see the community come together in support of the children of Stamford!"
-- David Martin, Mayor, City of Stamford


“Back to School Shop was a wonderful introduction to the Stamford community, with the amazing outpouring of volunteerism,”
-- Earl Kim, Superintendent of Stamford Public Schools


“This program is a wonderful resource for our elementary school families.  It confirms the fact that a community working together helps to enhance the opportunities for all students."
-- Dr. Tamu Lucero, Assistant Superintendent, Stamford Public Schools


“We have a number of children whose families are really struggling and there is just no way that they can purchase new clothes or needed school supplies for the upcoming school year. It is so wonderful to be able to invite them to participate in this program. When we tell the children that they are going to be able to pick out their own brand new school clothes and supplies, they are ecstatic and want to do it right that minute!”
-- Gina Frederick, Social Worker, Stamford Public Schools


"The Back to School Shop is a wonderful and much needed opportunity to serve many of the students in the Stamford Public Schools. Many of our students come to school in September without any new or proper fitting shoes and clothing. They don't have pencil boxes or folders. They don't have the opportunity to start fresh with a fun, new backpack that they have chosen for themselves. Back to School Shop fulfills a great need in our schools.”
-- Jennifer Williams-Argenio, School Social Worker, Stamford Public Schools


“As a volunteer at the Back to School Shop I was able to see first hand what joy this event gave both the children and the volunteers. It is the very definition of Tikkun Olam, or acts of kindness to repair the world .”
-- Rabbi Jay TelRav of Temple Sinai, event volunteer


“I felt such a connection to the children that this program is helping. My family didn’t have much, and one of the highlights of my childhood was getting my one school outfit every year. I wore it five days a week, washed it on the weekend and wore it again the next week.  I want to be a part of bringing that sense of excitement and joy to these children”
-- Munira Okovic, event volunteer


"I am so looking forward to working on this again! It's the most gratifying volunteer work I've done in years!"
-- Suellyn Kaplan Bache, event volunteer


“This was one of the most organized, heartwarming and rewarding volunteer events I have ever attended."
-- Sheryl Young, event volunteer


“The smiles on the faces of the children said it all!”
-- Louise Harris, event volunteer


“We were excited and overwhelmed when we were invited to participate. I was amazed by the concept of the Back to School Shop and what they would be providing. In particular, I was pleasantly surprised that this gave the kids the opportunity to shop for what they liked and wanted to wear.  Although we are always grateful for what we receive, it is amazing that they can have clothes that they have picked and feel good wearing.”  
--Debby Lowe, grandmother of three Back to School Shop participants


“They have been so excited about coming here to go shopping. It means a lot to us.”
-- Mother of two Back to School Shop participants


“I’ve always wanted shoes exactly like this. I’m going to wear them every single day!”
-- 6-year-old girl, Back to School Shop participant


“Don’t I look beautiful?”
-- Back to School Shop participant


“Do I really get all of this?”
-- 8-year-old boy, Back to School Shop participant


“Are you sure we don’t have to pay for any of this?”
-- Back to School Shop participant


“This is the best day of my life!”
-- 10-year-old boy, Back to School Shop participant